The Hidden Dangers of Public Charging Stations: Protecting Your Device and Data

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on smartphones, it has become almost second-nature to pack a charger, everywhere we go, just in case our precious devices lose power. However, there are times when we DO forget our chargers, and are forced to seek out public charging-stations. While this may seem like a convenient solution, it actually

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Troubleshooting Technical Problems

Troubleshooting technical problems

Throughout my career, I have dealt with all sorts of technical issues. I have troubleshot the following: dead computers, lagging network connections, e-mail accounts, computer-monitor issues, server accounts, application crashes…and a whole lot more. At each turn, I have

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Quick-and-Painless remote support for Windows 10 – FREE

At one point or another, every Computer Technician has come under the necessity to login to someone else’s computer. This action comes about when physical distance makes support very difficult to accomplish. As such, Technicians have used many tools of the trade that make their jobs much easier to accomplish, without having to travel anywhere.

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