Troubleshooting Technical Problems

Troubleshooting technical problems

Throughout my career, I have dealt with all sorts of technical issues. I have troubleshot the following: dead computers, lagging network connections, e-mail accounts, computer-monitor issues, server accounts, application crashes…and a whole lot more. At each turn, I have Continue reading “Troubleshooting Technical Problems”

Quick-and-Painless remote support for Windows 10 – FREE

At one point or another, every Computer Technician has come under the necessity to login to someone else’s computer. This action comes about when physical distance makes support very difficult to accomplish. As such, Technicians have used many tools of the trade that make their jobs much easier to accomplish, without having to travel anywhere.

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My Encounter with the Apple MacBook Pro A1278

As an IT Support person, I have come across all sorts of technological challenges. While executing my duties, I have opened up cases for desktops, servers, and laptops. Most of the times, hardware disassembly and upgrading is very straight-forward: open the case, pull or add module(s), and close the case. However, not all hardware is the same. Continue reading “My Encounter with the Apple MacBook Pro A1278”

Technical Training in Vocational Public Schools

Computers are everywhere: waiting for us to enter them…waiting to enter us. Be them Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet, or Smartphone, computers have changed the way we do business and socially interact with others. The wonderful thing about them is that, for the most part, they have been manufactured and configured to be used by the general public without any intricate knowledge of computer hardware or programming. In fact, they have become a system of plug-and-play (or, in the case of tablets and smartphones, swipe-and-play).

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Wired vs Wireless Internet connection OR Martha Stewart vs Bill Gates

Once, I heard a story that Martha Stewart intimated how Bill Gates has his network connections setup. Apparently, she criticized him for having messy wiring all over the place. It seems that she felt that Bill should have gone wireless and have a much neater place. Perhaps she was right. Or, maybe, Bill had a reason to keep it the way it is. After all, there are pros and cons when it comes to wire vs wireless connections. So, who has the better setup: Martha Stewart, or Bill Gates? The answer: it depends on who you ask.

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Computer Degrees vs Computer Certifications

We have all heard the same old rhetoric when it comes to the debate of which is better: a computer degree or computer certification? Truth be told, each has their own special purpose. There are pros and cons, attached to both. However, they should be considered in the context of what special purpose they serve. Continue reading “Computer Degrees vs Computer Certifications”