Computer Service, Maintenance, and Support

Like anything in life, things tend to break down due to many factors. Like human beings, computers and electronic devices tend to fail due to lack of maintenance, accidents, and / or old age. For those reasons, it is important to have a preventive plan that can mitigate disasters.

Computer Service

When your system breaks down, we provide hardware and software repair, including:

* Hardware troubleshooting of desktops, servers, keyboards, mouse, scanners, printers, hard drives, routers, and switches

* Software troubleshooting of operating systems, and related applications


Like periodic visit to the doctor’s office, it is important to understand that computer systems need periodic inspections to make sure that they are working properly. As such, we provide maintenance plans that can relieve you of the burden of having to worry when to check your systems.


We do our very best to keep up-to-date with relevant technologies. From hardware drivers, operating system updates, and application support, we strive to make things work for you.

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