Microsoft Office support, including Word, Excel, and Access

Virtually every major organization has Microsoft Office installed in their computers. This productivity package comes with some of the most useful applications.

Microsoft Word

As a text editor / word processor, Microsoft Word serves organizations in the creation and modification of documents. With many tools available, we can:

* Create and save documents
* Format documents (bold, italics, font sizes, aligning text)
* Create lists (bullet and numbers)
* Insert images
* Grammar and spell check
* Insert page breaks
* Insert tables
* Insert rows and columns
* Import spreadsheets
* Insert hyperlinks
* Insert page numbers and footnotes

Microsoft Excel

As the premier choice of spreadsheet applications, Microsoft Excel is very useful in managing business data. We can do the following:

* Perform calculations
* Create accounting worksheets
* Insert charts
* Perform inventory management
* Create charts
* Create task lists
* Create project management charts
* Create forms
* Create mailing lists

Microsoft Access

As a relational database, Microsoft Access is useful in maintaining and calculating information. We can perform the following:

* Create and modify databases
* Create tables
* Create relationships, keys, and constraints
* Create SQL queries
* Design forms
* Create reports


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