Support for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux Ubuntu

Computers come in many shapes and forms. One thing that they have in common is that they need an operating system in order to be truly functional. We provide support for the most well-known operating systems in the market.

Microsoft Windows

Having gone through many editions, the latest consumer version is Windows 10. We diagnose issues, such as:

* The blue screen of death
* Missing DLL files
* “Restart” persistent messages
* Files opening with wrong application
* Unable to print
* Low memory
* Missing updates

Apple macOS

We diagnose common issues, such as:

* Unable to start
* Frozen applications
* Beach ball spins persistently
* Battery drainage
* Unrecognized external drives

Linux Ubuntu

As one of the most popular open-source distributions, Ubuntu offers many attractive options for those that want an alternative operating system that is free / low cost. The LTS (Long Term Support) version is five (5) years. We provide the following:

* Installation of operating system
* Configuration of devices and printers
* Dual-booting of Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu

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