Turn off your Computer and do these 10 things

05. Cook

As the current economic crisis has affected the financial pockets of many people, one thing has become apparent that is of paramount necessity: food. Since laid-off people are bound to have less money, and many restaurants have been forced to close, it has become necessary to cook at home.

When preparing home meals, you should consider the many benefits that could be gained. First of all, the immediate cost-savings that is gained by not spending money on restaurant food will be noticeable when you do your budgeting and accounting. Instead of spending $30 a day ($210 a week) at your favorite fast-food place, you could spend $150 in groceries, per week, and save the $60 difference.

The other added benefit from home-cooking is that you know, exactly, what is in your food. Think about that! This is not to disparage every single restaurant in existence, but you, truly, do not know what is being served to you. However, when you cook your own meals, you can make as much as you want, and to your own flavor-specifications.

Just keep this in mind: don’t put too much salt in your food.

Author: Nicolas Payano

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