Turn off your Computer and do these 10 things

03. Clean Up

This may come as a shock: many people are not into cleaning. As a result, their homes and working area accumulate dirt and mold. This can be toxic to the mind, as well as to the body. Taking a moment to do some cleaning can, actually, help people who are trying to find some clarity with their projects.

My suggestion is to start off with organizing important documents that are lying all over the house. Label different folders according to your criteria, start filling them with the appropriate documents, and store them somewhere that is accessible.

Clean up your kitchen and your bathroom. Those two places are likely to accumulate dirt and germs. You should clean your kitchen, so as to reduce the amount of insects and rodents that might visit it. Also, you should clean your bathroom because…IT’S NASTY!

While you are in your cleaning mood, you might as well do some laundry. Remember when I mentioned about not putting on dirty clothes after taking a shower? Well, you just might have to, unless you take some time off, and dump your clothes in the washing machine. Do this on a weekly basis, and you will be glad that you are wearing clean, inner garment.

Author: Nicolas Payano

CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ ITIL

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