Turn off your Computer and do these 10 things

09. Read Books

There is no question that reading books can help the mind in gaining greater intelligence. People should make it a habit of reading, everyday, so as to help elevate their mental acuity.

Reading books have many benefits, and one of them is keeping the brain active. While the mind is focused on reading passages, you get to discover new words, and new points of view.

Pickup a self-help book. There are plenty of texts that describe the experiences of authors, their humble beginnings, their triumphs, and their downfalls. These authors tend to share their experiences, and offer guides on how to better people’s lives. Again, those are guides, so you should use your best judgment.

Have you, ever, wanted to learn a subject matter, but did not know where to start? Pickup a “How-To” book. From learning how to fix computer systems, to being able to do simple carpentry, you get step-by-step instruction on how to do things. For the most part, the authors of these books have real-world experience, and want to share their knowledge for your betterment.

We must not forget those that buy books just because they want to be entertained. From the romantic novel, to the science-fiction paperback, to your favorite comic books, these pages have the power to incite your imagination, and take you to worlds of wonder.

While you may read on different subject matter, you will be either better informed, or entertained. Or, hopefully, both.

Author: Nicolas Payano

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